Who are the people behind Cantas Firmas?

We are a small jolly group of musicians of diverse backgrounds who gather in different casts to provide their audience with fine entertainment and a very special listening experience. I, singer and pedagogue Meike Nandico, am the head, and to make music together with me there are the two sopranos Sylvia Tazberik and Yvonne Yung Hee, the pianists Nelly Schmalenberg-Chatschaturjan and Natalie Miller, as well as the hornist Andrea Mastini. Sometimes the writer Lena Reinhard or the young actress Anna Luise Borner help us with written texts and presenting.

Our programmes are designed to render contemporary what is generally perceived as ‘classical’ music, but which is often rather romantic or even modern. They contain quite a number of themes we are actually familiar with and which manage to strike a variety of chords with us. Thus, well-known pieces come along in new disguises or may be regarded from quite unusual points of view. We pick lesser known works to make them known to a wider audience, and some old traditional pieces will sound as if brand new. We sometimes interweave musical entertainment with reading or even culinary pleasures – depending on the taste and preferences of our audience or presenters.

Why not take a look at our repertoire-page to choose from the programmes offered there? Alternatively, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Cantas Firmas looks forward performing for you. Lean back, listen and indulge.