„The singing wants to be light. In the dark the singing has threads of phosphorus and moon.” (Garcia Lorca)

Do you enjoy listening to classical or romatic music and love to be taken away from everyday pressure by words and sound? Are you looking for a quality accompaniment to your celebration or business function? Would you like to expand the repertoire of your musical venue? Then please take a look through the pages of our website!

Perhaps you´re interested in finding some entertainment for a wedding or birthday, or maybe you´re looking for an atmospheric Matinee performance or contemplative old school evening recital? We´d be more than happy to arrange a programme that fits your individual requirements.

You may also choose a programme from our current repertoire. In particular we would like to recommend our literary-musical theme nights during which musicians and artists of varied shades take you on a journey into realms long past. There you will rediscover a seemingly forgotten heritage that will be brought to life and experienced in a rather modern way.